Hi! sorry my break has taken longer than planned, my plan was to take off two weeks then get back to work and build a buffer during the summer and run new stories without a break until next spring,as you can see that didn’t happen.The reason why are various and boring but I will say reality keeps sticking its nose in my fantasy.Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything just the opposite I have two solid short stories in the can and i’m working on a third,a story so different from what i’ve done before it’s kicking my ass to do but I wouldn’t continue it if I didn’t think it was worth it

In the meantime I found five min to revamp the old smackjeeves site changing it to the new official Jah’mel’s CHEAP THRILL.What is Jah’mel’s CHEAP THRILL? The fictional comic done by Jah’mel as shown in a couple stories back, the stories are random and pure fun and can be followed without reading any of the other stories but I wish you would, the best part most can be done in the time it takes you to get drunk which was when most of these comics were made. So until the main event is back just click on the pic below and check out my fun undercard(I was writing this during the big fight this weekend) until the next time, be nice to each other