No! your eyes don’t deceive you, there has been at lot of changes at the home of the worst employees on the planet and it is Brad Guigar fault.

Let me explain  i put my website up for review on the” “hitch it/ ditch it”  feature and i got my ass kicked, lol  my positives were great and made me glow with pride,


“The character designs are strong in that each main character has an identifiable silhouette.”

(which i love because i worked hard to make each character different from each other 

but it was the next paragraph that was the punch to the gut )

 Everything about this comic makes me feel claustrophobic. The background is overpowering and distracting. The gutters are too small to do their job well, and the lettering is too small. I couldn’t tell you if the writing in this comic is working or not because the lettering is so small, I found it completely illegible.”

Now I know what you’re thinking he insulted my comic and i should be pissed but the truth is nothing could further from the truth, the truth is his critique of the comic was on point.

Of course in order to see that I had look over my  site again and what saw  i didn’t like, the background needed to be changed, the sidelines needed to be cleaned up and

to update some of the comics.

In the beginning that was all I going to do  fix some of the fonts on a handful of

old comics but after looking around I decided that some of the art could be touch up ,then a word balloons could be moved to give the comic a better flow. what were the results ?

I have new comic out and didn’t have to come up with a new idea to do it, but most of all I got a whole bunch of new ideas from some comics I haven’t read in a while .

At the moment i’ve updated the very first big storyline(Get me to hump day) and working on the second(Donkey punch)after that I have a bunch of short stories and single comic to do sometime in the future

the work is hard and some times don’t think it worth it until read them again and it’s like seeing them for the first time and let me tell you family for the first time in a while i’m liking what i see hopefully you are too.


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as always Thank you for patience, without you this comic and this artist would be nothing