(Taken from my Tumblr pages)

So what’s happening to the comic? what’s happening with you ?

The short answer nothing, nothing is happening with the comic, nothing was happening in the comic and everything was happening with me.
I was burned out. The events of the last two years of my life, my mother’s stroke, job worries , etc (you know life )
it all caught up with me and kicked me in my big ass (oh and don’t get me started how I need to go on a diet, OY VEY)
A normal person gets burned out they go away, go to some exotic spot and drink tons of fruity drinks and sit in the sun until they forget what was
bothering them I on the other hand go to sleep,lol hey I never said I was normal. The truth is sleep was what I needed more than a vacation.
being hyper vigil for the past two years can wear a person down, Getting away from my problems were not going to make them go away and not resting made it hard to get my shit together.

So I rested, I went to the movies (something I haven’t done in a long time ), hung out with old friends, made new ones, I played with my nephew (what’s up “Bam,Bam! ) and said hi to a new nephew (fat Arron)you know normal stuff.
In time my mother started to feel better and we found a nice women to take care of her while I was at work , the job still sucks but I learned once you zone out the negative stuff, oh who I’m kidding they can suck….You know what, moving on. I found my self in a new routine a more relaxing routine and all of sudden I had tons of new ideas I knew at that point I knew I was felling better,and it was time to get back to work.
So you ask “what did you do because I don’t see anything from you on line”, well….

* I have a new Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/rawtalenttwo/videos ) on it you will find all types of goodies like behind the scenes art, movies and television reviews, music videos, plus
tons of things I haven’t thought of yet

* I made a new website ( http://www.therottenapplestudios.com/) my new main site for all things Sonny Chiba ,on the site you will find, my blogs, galleries links to my Youtube channel
and my New store

* I put together my first mini-comic the full title being “Things you can’t say, if you want to keep your job, a guide for the angry employee volume #1
you can pick up a copy at my new store at the website (http://www.therottenapplestudios.com/apps/webstore/) each copy will cost you $3.50 and comes with
a sketch from me.

* speaking of “things” to come I also have a been working a brand new trade, that collects all of my past “Things you can’t say, if you want to keep your job” all the old comics have been re-lettered just for the trade. I also add a
whopping 80 pages of never before seen comics made just for this volume plus about 12 pages of extras full of other fun stuff

* I’m in the processes of putting together three more mini-comics i’m just waiting for editorial approval

* I’ve also been going through my “Stiffs” website fixing problems that I should’ve fixed the first time. (hey i’m just one man folks)

now i’m sure saying that’s all good Sonny but what about the comic?

* I’ve been working on a storyline starring America’s favorite Gangster Dinosaur, Donkey Doo, that is going to be the main storyline for the next year.

I hinted about the story before I took time off but I wasn’t ready, if everything works to my “evil” master plan the first pages should roll out around the first of the year.
So what else is store for 2015, here are some of the highlights

* Regular updates of the my main comic “Stiffs” (http://www.stiffsthewebcomic.com/)

* More update from my often forgotten but just as loved other comic “Jah’mel’s Cheap Thrill ” (http://acheapthrills.smackjeeves.com/)

* My new podcast “The Rotten Apple Podcast ”

* More Youtube fun

* New merchandise

*and maybe even a convention or two (cross fingers)

* some things I haven’t thought of yet (give me five min i’ll think of something )

After taking most of 2014 off I plan to make 2015 the year I step my game up and put my money/ time where my ambition are, As always thank you in advancefly away