Hello long time no see,I know that is my fault but I promise you it was for a good reason most of which I will address in a blog posting in 2016. That is right I said 2016 after taking what I thought was short break that turned into an extra loooong break I will have new comics 2016 on this site as well as my other site JAH’MEL’S CHEAP THRILL,but when new comics return 2016 you are going to find that the comic has gone through a change . That is where the four new characters in today comic comes in, folks introducing and in one case reintroducing SOL,TYRONE,VINNY AND DONKEY DOO,the stars of the Donkey Doo’s new television special “SPACE IN YOUR FACE”! The who and why’s will be talked about at a later, but with the new “STAR WARS : THE FORCE AWAKENS” opening this weekend and me having a comic coming up called “SPACE IN YOUR FACE”! I couldn’t pass up a chance to have the cast play in the “STAR WARS” universe.Thats going be it for now be on the look out for announcement on when the new comics will start posting  if you new to the comic then welcome we have a pretty large achieves why don’t you dive right and read some comics then bookmark us so you can be here 2016  as we go in a whole new direction while still keeping the flavor of what has already come before, as always thank you in advance