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Born in the inferno that was the south Bronx the man who will one day be know as CHIBA37, was born with a box of crayons in one hand and day-glow finger paint in the other. His destiny to be an artist written early, young Chiba would draw stick figure murals on the wall all the time even in his sleep. After several beatings his parents realized it was better to encourage the young artist by sending him to school so he could draw on someone else’s walls for a change and to take a few art classes too.

At 13, with his dreams of being the next Jack Kirby, he went to his first comic book convention, only to have his dreams shot down by a legendary cartoonist, who shall remain nameless, (no it’s not Neal Adams). Traumatized by the experience, Chiba spends the next nine years in fear of Bristol boards and number two pencils.

A chance encounter with an old classmate, now a street artist, rekindled that old spark, also he had to get a job or go to school or kicked out of his house. He enrolls at the New York City College of Technology where the young artist developed his  “ in your face “ style, and graduates with an AAS in Art and Advertisement.

Since graduation Chiba has kept himself busy by freelancing for various organizations including “Graphic ‘N Motion”, Nvavie’s Fashion Boutique. What he really wanted to do was try to be Jack Kirby again. So, in 2006, he launched his first web comic “STIFFS”, a weekly comedic look at life of lower paid workers at The Culture Land Museum. Critics quickly dubbed it as a cross between “The Boondocks” and “Clerks”. In 2013 he launched a new webcomics “JAH’MEL’S CHEAP TRICK”, describe by the artist as “stories so random you will think they were straight out of the bible that are created by a man that one day will be homeless”, Chiba still freelances but first insists that anyone he works for lets him draw on their walls first.