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The Culture Land Museum is the second biggest tourist spot in the whole country; number one is the place with that damn mouse. The place where the past and the future meet in one giant campus of dead things and live fun, lead by the eccentric infamous DONKEY DOO. Donkey Doo, the biggest children’s television star in the country is a man with a plan to turn the country’s most famous museum into the most profitable tourist attraction with the help of public and private funding of course.

Come good people. Fall down the rabbit hole and experience the world of “STIFFS” where you could see anything and everything this world has to offer…. except people working (come on dude that would just be boring).

Follow Fred, Wood, Dude, Jah’mal and Chiba the talking dog as they fight to live in a world filled with Gold-diggers, Rude customers, Deviant T.V. icons, Half-witted Management decisions, Political incorrect co-workers, High price parties and Low wages, in a never-ending quest to, get high, get laid and get over!






who-are-you-(jah) who-are-you(sugar)-1